Our Team

Our team is made up of....

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Birgit Kullamaa

"Hello folks, I am Birgit-just call me B, I am from Estonia and I am the General Manager of Shenanigans. I fell in love with the place from the first time I walked in, for its unique concept and family like atmosphere. I think life needs to be great balance of crazy,sensible and loads of Shenanigans! Never too late to be part of our forever growing family! "

Fun fact about me : I used to play football professionally- challange me on keep ups any time ! 

Niall Michael Gormley

"Hi all I'm Niall, an Irish man from Belfast,whos lived and worked in the pub scene for 5+ years in Liverpool. I love meeting new people and having a bit of craic with our regular customers who are part of our big family! I do everything I can to make everyone happy because that makes me happy!"

Fun fact about me: I’m an amature surfer, can do few tricks as well ;) !

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Ross Horner

"Alright guys, I'm Ross, I'm from a small town in Ireland called Antrim. When you don't see me around I'm usually found scrounging the best chicken wings in town of the chef."

Fun fact about me: I live and breath Baby Guinness!


Raymond Murray

"Hello I'm Ray from Belfast and nothing gets my rocks off more that sticking my lips round a pint of Guinness."

Fun fact about me: I pour the best pint of Guinness in town ! 

Alejandra Cadavid Ruiz

"Hi everyone, my name is Alejandra, I am the Head Chef of Shenanigans, but everyone calls me ALE. I’m a friendly and hard working woman and here to make sure you always enjoy your meal at Shenanigans."

Fun fact about me: I’m from Caribbean country but I love weather in England ! 

Kristine Bogdane

"Hello everyone! My name is Kristina and I come from Latvia and I work as a chef in Shenanigans. I love cooking good food and making people happy!"

Fun fact about me: I like chips with ice cream and strawberry jam.